Veg Boxes

Family Box - Medium Assorted

£ 35.00 Per Box

Juice & Smoothie Box

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£ 25.00 Per Box


This Box Will Contain:-

Between 15 and  17 items that are ideal for juicing and smoothie making

Creative Cook Box

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£ 35.00 Per Box


This Box Contains:=

1 x Organic Passata                                                  1 x Pkt Fine Beans

1 x Organic Coconut Milk                                           1 x Pkt Peppers

1 x Organic Thai Curry Paste                                     1 x Bag Mushrooms

1 x Organic Tin Edamame Beans                               1 x Coriander                       

1 x Organic Tin Red Kidney Beans                             1 x Lemon Grass

1 x Organic Tin Butter Beans                                     1 x Bunch Spring Onion

1 x Organic Brown Basmati Rice                                1 x Garlic/Ginger/Chilli

1 x Organic Packet of Pasta                                      1 x Leek

1 x Celeriac                                                              2 x Onions

1 x Fennel                                                                3 x Carrots

1 x Courgette                                                            1 x Pkt Fresh Herbs

1 x Aubergine                                                            2 x Red Onions

1 x Butternut Squash                                                 1 x Vine Large Tomatoes

1 x Sweet Potato                                                       1 x Lemon

1 x Box Eggs (6)                                                        1 x Lime



Very Veggie Box

£ 25.00 Per Box

Everyday Essential Eating

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£ 18.00 Per Box


This box will contain:-

5 items of vegetables, 5 items of fruit & 5 items of salad

Please state in the delivery instructions on our checkout page if there is anything in particular you would like in this box.

(Pictures are for illustration purposes only)

Family Box - Large Assorted

£ 45.00 Per Box

Family Box

£ 30.00 Per Box

Please Note: we are not accepting orders placed online from the morning of Wednesday 21st December until the morning of Thursday 29th December.